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DZero is a contextual conversation platform. In essence it uses NFC tags to launch you into a conversation thread allowing you to discuss where you are or the product you tapped with your NFC enabled phone. It even works with non D0 tags so you can start a conversation using anyone elses NFC tags(e.g. movie posters).

Android app on Google Play

In a Coffee House

Whilst you are waiting for your coffee why not leave some feedback, a poem, a picture, the first chapter of your book for the other customers to read or provide feedback on.

Custom Product Run

Do you have a special run of a bottle of wine or a new brew of beer, DZero enable the bottle labels and all of your customers can discuss their opinion, leave photos and more.

Go all 007

Create a DZero tag, stick it a meeting point and leave your cryptic clue for your compatriots to find and decypher. The only limit is your imagination.